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Hi Tami, Emma, Nate, and Rodger,

We are excited to help you with your goal of reaching out to more people in Utah so their voices can be heard. We understand how strongly you feel about making politics about the people and inviting as many Utahns as possible into the practical problem-solving process. We are committed to creating a website that will help you achieve these goals.

Scope of Services

Below you will find the cost of each of our services. Half the cost of your website is due when you sign your proposal, which allows us to quickly get to the design and build processes. The other half is due when we have finished it.

Web Design

Emma wasn't sure if Nate was going to design this website. She and I talked about teaming up on the design process if he didn't have time. I recommend having the design ready before the development phase starts. Designing your website includes layout and the use of brand colors, typography, and imagery consistently throughout the website. In this stage, we help you organize your content in user-friendly, visually appealing sections that introduce concepts with images, titles, and short statements that link to pages with expanded descriptions. Arranging the layout in ways that present just a little information at a time with options to expand by clicking on buttons captures the attention of your readers and keeps them motivated to read more. Websites that are driven by large amounts of information need a layout that is clean, visual, and has plenty of white space. Some examples of design and layout that we will implement: • Configure full-width sections - Many people will view the site from mobile devices so full width is best practice, but it also looks cleaner and more modern on desktop screens. • Add plenty of white space and imagery that communicate the vibe or tone of your message • Don't use sidebars unless needed and configured to view nicely on all screen sizes • Layout information in two or three columns • Use parallax and animation-on-scroll, on-hover, and on-click • Style links and buttons with brand colors and increased font weight, which change in color on hover • Add buttons for CTAs (Read More About..., Learn More About..., Sign Up for Our Newsletter, View All News) • Create consistently sized section headers that are distinctive so that readers can visually see the order of the content as soon as they glance at the page. • Add social media icons and links in the footer


Our baseline offering is developing your website with code using HTML, CSS, SCSS, PHP, JavaScript, and WordPress. WordPress is the most used Content Management System (CMS) in the world. More than 40% of all websites online have been contructed with this open-source software. CNN, NBC, and the NFL are just a few of the well-known organizations that use WordPress. Note: We use, which gives us greater freedom to customize your site. This is what professional developers usually use. has a collection of templates you can choose from and does not allow for as much customization. This is what non-developers use, but there still is a learning curve that can leave a lot of new users feeling frustrated. gives us access to over 55 thousand plugins that extend its functionality and give us developer tools to customize your website. These plugins provide features such as SEO, contact forms, higher levels of security, increased website performance, and custom fields that improve your user experience when creating new content. We also build custom themes that create a unique look and feel for your website. This gives us full control over your design to fit your presentation style and meet your goals.

Quality Assurance Testing

Once we finish the website, we test everything to make sure it is functioning properly, looking great on all screen sizes, and is accessible to people with disabilities. When everything is ready, it's launch time! We will make it live by pointing your domain name to it.


Estimated Timeline:

2-3 weeks
2-4 weeks
Quality Assurance Testing
1-2 weeks
Cotent Review*
1-2 weeks

Your Investment

Quality Assurance Testing

Total: $2000

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If you would like to join us and become a client then we’d be delighted to have you.

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Zade Balance, LLC began in 2019 when I was still attending school to become a web developer. I had been tinkering with code since 2011 while working on my own projects, but going to school refined and dialed in my design and coding skills. It helped me fill in many pieces of the puzzle, which made it so exciting on a daily basis. Before finishing, I was helping my first clients with their websites, so I got my business registered with the state of Utah, opened a business bank account, and started building. I am a mother of four children, three boys and one girl. They are all grown up and have finished college (the last one is just about to). Three are married. One is headed to law school. One has three children so that makes me a grandmother and I never anticipated the joy of that! I love researching, writing, designing, and coding. This is a good thing because these are the four steps in building a website from start to finish. I have loved helping my clients reach thousands of people online, spreading the word about their important message, valuable products, and sound ideas.