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SocialSkilz Website Proposal

Presented by: Zade Balance, LLC

Hi Chad, I’m excited to help you with your goal of assisting small businesses IGNITE CONNECTIONS by:

  • providing them with affordable social media marketing solutions
  • educating them in understanding the value of social media marketing
  • and illuminating social media SEO strategies and best practices.

I am committed to creating a website that will help you achieve these goals!

Scope of Services

Below you will find a description of each of our services.

Core Website Design

The Core Website Design includes the full design of 5 website pages. These are the 5 suggested pages: Home, About, Services, Blog, and Contact We can swap out any of these pages for other proposed pages if needed. Also, note that the blog includes the design of the index page and single post page. Designing your website begins with the creation of layout wireframes. Wireframes are skeletal designs of how content will be displayed on each page. Arranging the layout in ways that present just a little information at a time with options to expand by clicking on buttons captures the attention of your readers and keeps them motivated to read more. We want to present Information in a layout that is clean, visual, and has plenty of white space. After you have approved the wireframes, I begin the full-color and image-rich design in Adobe XD. I also use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to optimize images and create SVGs. I ensure the consistent use of brand colors, typography, and imagery throughout the website. In this stage, I help you organize your content in user-friendly, visually appealing sections that introduce concepts with images, titles, and short statements that link to pages with expanded descriptions. Examples of design and layout strategies I will use: • Configure full-width sections - Many people will view the site from mobile devices so full width is best practice, but it also looks cleaner and more modern on desktop screens. • Add plenty of white space and imagery that communicate the vibe or tone of your message • Don't use sidebars unless needed and configured to view nicely on all screen sizes • Layout information in two or three columns • Use a sprinkling of parallax and animation-on-scroll, on-hover, and on-click • Style links and buttons with brand colors and increased font-weight, which change in color on hover • Add buttons for CTAs (Read More, Learn How, Sign Up for Our Newsletter, View All News) • Create consistently sized section headers that are distinctive so that readers can visually see the order of the content at first glance. • Add social media icons and links in the footer When the designs are completed, I will send you the pdfs for approval before beginning the website build. I use an iterative process, which will involve your feedback throughout the various phases.

Core Website Build

The Core Website Build is the process of developing your 5-page website using HTML, CSS, SCSS, PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). Again, these are the suggested core pages: Home, About, Services, Blog, Contact WordPress is the most used Content Management System (CMS) in the world. More than 40% of all websites online have been constructed with this open-source software. CNN, NBC, and the NFL are just a few of the well-known organizations that use it. gives us access to over 55 thousand plugins that extend its functionality and provide developer tools to further customize your website. These plugins have features such as SEO, contact forms, higher-level security, chat-bots, increased website performance, and custom fields that improve your user experience when creating new content. Additionally, I build you a custom theme that creates a unique look and feel for your website. This gives us full control over your design to fit your presentation style and meet your business goals. Examples of web development tools we will use: • Fully Custom Coded website - HTML5 / CSS3 / PHP / JavaScript • Responsive - Looks fantastic on all screen sizes • Content Management System (WordPress) • SSL Security Certificate - Encrypted - HTTPS Enforce • Search Engine Optimization (Basic) • 90 Days Maintenance after Website Completion • Researching chatbots to find the best and most affordable options for your needs • Includes hosting fee for the first year (valued at $75) Quality Assurance Testing Once we finish the website, we test everything to make sure it is functioning properly, looking fantastic on all screen sizes, and is accessible to people with disabilities. When everything is ready, it's launch time! We will make it live by pointing your domain name to it. Domain Registration If needed, I will help you find an available domain name that fits your brand and business name, purchase it, and set it up for annual renewal. You are responsible for your Domain Registrar fees, which usually range from $10 to $20 a year depending on the domain name you choose. Training After the website is built, I will train you on how to change or add content, styles, and images inside the page builder.

Annual Hosting Fee

Your annual hosting fee is folded into the website design/build fee for the first year. Every year after that, you will receive an invoice for it (see pricing below).

Optional Services

You can choose to add any of the following services for an additional but affordable cost.

Optional Content Writing

If you would like my assistance with writing content, we can add this item to your website package. I recommend having all of your content ready before the design phase. Content Writing Levels Level 1 - you answer all the questions in the questionnaire I send you and I determine how best to present this information on the website Level 2 - I am required to research the answers to the questions in the questionnaire and then determine how best to present this information on the website Level 3 - technical writing - I am required to learn industry-specific terminology and technical processes, research the answer to the questions in the questionnaire, and determine how best to present this information on the website All levels include: Giving you feedback on your grammar, word choice, and sentence structure. Readers like easy-to-read text with a logical structure. I will edit your content to shorten sentences, add transitions, decrease wordiness, and increase overall readability.

Optional Additional Pages

Creating additional pages for a website includes custom design and build. (Content Writing sold separately : ). These are supplementary pages other than the five core web pages (Home, About, Services, Blog, Contact) included in the main website design and build. As noted earlier, I will train you on how to use the components I have already built to create new web pages on your own. But if you want a new page with new components, then this option is for you. Why would you want additional pages? You may already have in mind a website that is larger than 5 pages. In that case, you can add this item. You may be set with the Core package for now, but want to add pages in the future. Websites need to be regularly updated with fresh content to keep visitors engaged and informed. This can involve adding new pages or blog posts, updating existing content, or refreshing the site's design and layout.

Optional Website Maintenance

It's important to remember that the website will need to be cared for after it is built. Here are the reasons for that: Security: Websites are often targeted by hackers who try to exploit vulnerabilities in the website's code or infrastructure. Regular maintenance can help ensure that security patches and updates are applied promptly, reducing the risk of data breaches or other security incidents. Functionality: As web technologies and user expectations evolve, websites need to be updated to keep up with these changes. This may involve adding new features, updating existing ones, or optimizing the site's performance. Compatibility: Websites may need to be updated to ensure they are compatible with new browsers, devices, or operating systems. This can help ensure that the site works as intended for all visitors, regardless of their technology platform. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Regular maintenance can help improve a site's SEO performance by ensuring that it follows best practices for content, metadata, and technical optimization. This can help the site rank higher in search engine results and attract more organic traffic. In summary, website maintenance is critical for ensuring a website's security, functionality, compatibility, and SEO performance. By keeping a website well-maintained, website owners can help ensure that it continues to meet the needs of its visitors and achieve its intended goals.


In this section, you will find the estimated timeline of your project. Each of the phases can be shorter or longer depending on the time you take to provide the content and review/approve wireframes, designs, and the staging site.

Estimated Timeline:

Optional: Content Writing
1-2 weeks
Core Website Design
3-4 weeks
Core Website Build
2-3 weeks
Optional: Each Additional Page
3 days
Optional: Website Maintenance
Website Hosting

Your Investment

In this section, you will find the costs for each of the items described in the previous sections as well as the ongoing monthly and annual fees and optional fees for website maintenance. Content Writing is charged hourly and by the level (see above description): Level 1: $25/hour Level 2: $35/hour Level 3: $50/hour Half the cost of your website is due when you sign your proposal, which allows me to quickly get to the design and build processes. The clock starts when I receive this. The other half is due when I have finished building the website. Note that the cost below is not your actual total. That, of course, will be based on the items you choose.

Optional: Content Writing, Level 1 per hour
Website Design (5 pages)
Website Build (5 pages)
Optional: Each Additional Page
Optional: Website Maintenance (per month)
Hosting Fee ($75 after first year)

Total: $2633

Approve Proposal

If the proposed project sounds like a good fit for you, I would love to be your web designer/developer!

This proposal has already been approved!

View Our Portfolio Zade Balance, LLC began in 2019 when I was still attending school to become a web developer. I had been tinkering with code since 2011 while working on my own projects, but going to school refined and dialed in my design and coding skills. It helped me fill in many pieces of the puzzle, which made it so exciting on a daily basis. Before finishing, I was helping my first clients with their websites, so I got my business registered with the state of Utah, opened a business bank account, and started building. I am a mother of four children, three boys and one girl. They are all grown up and have finished college (the last one is just about to). Three are married. One is headed to law school. One has three children so that makes me a grandmother and I never anticipated the joy of that! I love researching, writing, designing, and coding. This is a good thing because these are the four steps in building a website from start to finish. I have loved helping my clients reach thousands of people online, spreading the word about their important message, valuable products, and sound ideas.